Mill Run Dulcimer Band

The Mill Run Dulcimer Band has been together for more than 35 years and has produced 11 recordings.

Some of the albums are available for sale online at Look for the icon.

Follow the links below for sound bites and more information on these recordings:

 Sunday at the Mill (MRDB 101, CDs, Cassettes)

Chickens in the Yard (MRDB 102, Cassettes Only)

Sweet Songs from Yesterday (MRDB 103)

Homespun Christmas (MRDB 104, CDs Only)

You've Been a Friend to Me (MRDB 105, Cassettes Only)

Long Time Travelin' (MRDB 106, Cassettes Only)

Give Me Just a Little More Time (MRDB 107, Cassettes Only)

We Shall Meet (MRDB 108, CDs Only)

Sorry! SOLD OUT! Reunion (MRDB 109)

Sing One Song For Me (MRDB 110, CDs Only)

Roses and Memories (MRDB 111, CDs Only)